About TanTor Cosmetics

Welcome to TanTor Cosmetics, where every swipe of gloss tells a story. Our journey began with our founder's passion for that perfect glossy finish – she was the girl who made lip gloss iconic in her circle. It's this love for lip shine that sparked the TanTor dream during her college days, blending ambition with a dash of glamor.

TanTor came to life not in a flashy studio, but in the dorms and lecture halls of college. Our founder, surrounded by inspiring women who owned their success, knew her path was in empowering others through beauty. After three years of dedication, our first product, the 'Sugarcane' lip gloss, was born – a testament to perseverance and style.

Message From Our Founder

TanTor Cosmetics sprang from a lifelong passion for the sparkle of lip gloss and all things that make us shine. It's not just a makeup brand, it's a tribute to uniqueness and a love for beauty that's both sustainable and gentle. Our story started with our Sugar Cane Collection, born out of our dedication to creating vegan, cruelty-free, and genuinely natural products. Here, individuality meets eco-conscious beauty in every gloss and glimmer.

"At TanTor, we are driven to expand our beauty regimen into a self-love ritual. Join us in loving ourselves, and our products, by keeping our moments sweet. Lip care is another form of self care, which is why we have decided to launch our makeup brand with the Sugar Cane Collection. The collection contains six naturally formulated lip glosses that are vegan, cruelty free, non GMO, and packaged in recyclable materials."


The TanTor Promise

At TanTor, we're all about the genuine connection. It's not just about makeup; it's about embracing your true self. We’re here listening, learning, and crafting with your unique beauty journey in mind. Our pledge? To be your trusted beauty ally, delivering makeup that not only looks amazing but also feels right at home with your style and spirit.

More Than Just Beauty

At TanTor, we believe in beauty that nurtures. Our products aren't just about looking good; they're about feeling great and treating your skin right. We're in the business of enhancing your natural charm with thoughtful, skin-loving formulas.

Consistency Is Key

We launched TanTor to bring a new level of consistency to your makeup routine. Our mission is simple: deliver makeup that consistently wows you, every time. Quality, innovation, and that ‘just-right’ touch of good for you ingredients are what we promise with each product.

Belief in Quality and Confidence

We stand for beauty products that truly deliver. TanTor is about investing in your confidence with makeup that matches your expectations. We're here to elevate your beauty routine, ensuring you feel fabulous with every use.

Thank You For Choosing TanTor!